XXV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Household Chemicals in Russia"

XXV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Household Chemicals in Russia"

NORСHEM Group of Companies took part in the jubilee XXV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Household Chemicals in Russia", held June 18-20, 2019 in Perm. Annually it is run by Rossa National Research Institute of Household Chemicals LLC.

For the second year in a row, one of the most acute discussion topics remains the concept of sustainable development, which has already become a general trend around the world, and now has reached the Russian market.

And if last year report on the topic “Sustainable development as a system of managing production resources” was presented by Y. Dudakov, General Director of the management company NORCHEM LLC. It considers the possibilities of development and interpretation of a new trend in the context of Russian realities and, in particular, using the example of a Russian manufacturing company. This year the report was made on the topic of more applied aspects of adapting the concept of sustainable development to production asset management. The report was made by the Head of the quality department of Zavod sintanolov LLC I. Kalagayev. The report showed what requirements, audits and certifications the Company faces in the process of its activity in order to confirm its “stable status”.

The concept of sustainable development is not only a set of environmental rules and norms, but also a responsible approach to social and economic management for the formation of planned growth programs.

Over 25 years, the conference has become a traditional platform for working meetings and open communication of participants in the household chemicals and detergents market. The anniversary event was no exception and brought together about 200 participants, including industry leaders. NORCHEM is also one of the regular participants in the conference, sharing its experience as a leading domestic manufacturer of surfactants. The conference venue provides an excellent opportunity for all participants to find solutions to common problems, update their knowledge, discuss the trends in the household chemicals market and its development using the example of leading domestic and multinational companies.

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