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Polyethylene glycols (PEG)

POLYETHYLENE GLYCOLS (PEG) are used in the production of soft pharmaceutical dosage forms; water-receptive base for cream, toothpaste, compounding ingredient of lotions, deodorants, shampoos; emulsifying agents, detergents, dispersing agents, antistatic agents in textile and leather goods industry; plasticizing agent in paper-and-pulp industry; component of lubricating fluid; in polyurethane rubber production; solvents and additives in varnish and paints; in viscose production.

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Methoxypolyethylene glycols (MPEG)

METHOXYPOLYETHYLENE GLYCOLS (MPEG) are used in pharmacology and cosmetics production; detergent & household goods production (as soap bars glue, soluble agent in detergent pastes, fixing agent for odors in soaps and detergents, as additive in general cleaners, polishers, air fresheners, automatic dishwashing detergents); in production of textile supporting substances (as component of dispergators and protective solutions); in metal works industry (as agents for cleaning and polishing pastes, lubricating & cooling liquids).


Non-ionic surfactants

Main category of products of nonionic surfactants.

Application in household chemicals and cosmetics: Have moderate characteristics of foaming, show excellent ability to removal of oil pollution (especially from synthetic fabrics) even at rather low concentration. Have quite good potential to disperse pollution and to prevent their repeated sedimentation on a surface. Are used in structures of the washing and washing means, stain removers.

The majority of household laundry detergents and powder cleaners is developed for washing of a wide range of pollution and spots, therefore, compositions nonionic and anion surfactant usually are their part. Nonionic surfactant including are used for decrease in the foaming caused anion surfactant.

Are widely used in structures of means for dishwashers since have the good moistening ability, by extremely low foaming and are compatible to chlorine. Are biodegradable.

Industrial application: industrial washing; the textile industry (as antistatic medicine and the equalizer when dyeing)

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Anionic surfactants

Application in household chemicals and cosmetics: Have good abilities to removal of particles of pollution, the dispersing qualities and sufficient foaming. Provide good stability of the received means and are easily washed away from the cleaned surfaces.

The main scope such surfactant - household cleaning and detergents. Are often used in structures of means for manual washing of ware as possess not only good ability to delete fats and to emulsify oils, but also thanks to high foaming and softness in relation to skin. Are also widely applied in structures of different types of shampoos for hair.

Industrial application: textile industry; technical cleaning of firm surfaces; as a part of means for fire extinguishing

Special chemical products

Polycarboxylate esters - a line of water-soluble polymers of different degrees of water reduction and distinctive efficiency to ensure the retention of mobile concrete mix; used in the production of additives for concrete.


VARNISH PF-060 and PF-053 are used as a binder in the manufacture of pentaphthalic enamels, primers, fillers and in the manufacture of other paints and varnishes