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Methoxypolyethylene glycols (MPEG)

METHOXYPOLYETHYLENE GLYCOLS (MPEG) are used in pharmacology and cosmetics production; detergent & household goods production (as soap bars glue, soluble agent in detergent pastes, fixing agent...


Anionic surfactants

Application in household chemicals and cosmetics: Have good abilities to removal of particles of pollution, the dispersing qualities and sufficient foaming. Provide good stability of the received...

Special chemical products

Polycarboxylate esters - a line of water-soluble polymers of different degrees of water reduction and distinctive efficiency to ensure the retention of mobile concrete mix; used in the production...


VARNISH PF-060 and PF-053 are used as a binder in the manufacture of pentaphthalic enamels, primers, fillers and in the manufacture of other paints and varnishes


About us

“Zavod sintanolov LLC” / NORCHEM™ is a dynamically developing enterprise, manufacturer of non-ionic surfactants (natural and synthetic fatty alcohol ethoxilates (sintanols)) and polyethylene glycols. The products of the company are popular with the customers in Russia and abroad as raw material in detergent production, cosmetic, textile and pharmaceutical industries. The products also find application in metal working and machine building, light industry, foamed polyurethane and paint work material production.

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