About us

“Zavod sintanolov LLC” / NORCHEM™ is a dynamically developing enterprise, manufacturer of non-ionic surfactants (natural and synthetic fatty alcohol ethoxilates (sintanols)) and polyethylene glycols. The products of the company are popular with the customers in Russia and abroad as raw material in detergent production, cosmetic, textile and pharmaceutical industries. The products also find application in metal working and machine building, light industry, foamed polyurethane and paint work material production.

“Zavod sintanolov LLC” was founded in September 2003 on the basis of the ethoxilation plant of “Kaprolaktam JSC” (“Sibur-Neftekhim JSC”).

In 2006 “Zavod sintanolov LLC” officially registered the NORCHEM trade mark.

In November 2007 the company restored the presence of surfactants on the Russian market (which was broken in 1998 because of the suspension of sulphonation production of “Kaprolaktam JSC”) by launching the second manufacturing plant “Lanitex-Optima-7 LLC” in Nikolskoe, the Leningrad region.

In May 2011 “Zavod sintanolov LLC” put into operation a new sulphonation plant at the Dzerzhinsk site. The start-up of the new oxyethylation line at the “Zavod sintanolov LLC” was done in December 2011.

With the change of owner in 2003 the production started to develop dynamically. The main goal set by the Board of Directors was the restoration of the leading position on the market and the guarantee of the effective and steady activities on principles of “constant dynamical development”. The strategic plans of the company are supported by the accumulated scientific and technical potential, cooperation with the domestic and foreign partners and changing requirements of the market. Highly skilled specialists, responsible and exacting people with the big desire to provide the successful future of the company work today at the plant. 

Ethoxilation process schemes are multipurpose, this fact allows the plant to change quickly to production of different types of products. The own laboratory participating at all production stages and ethoxylation pilot plant provide the possibility for the plant specialists to develop new product types and improve old ones trying to meet all needs of the clients.

Focus on customer needs, flexibility and experience in surfactants production allowed “Zavod sintanolov LLC” to start cooperation both with well-known international companies opening their production facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation and local manufacturers. The production of “Zavod sintanolov LLC” and the quality control system are acknowledged and certified by the leading Russian manufacturers of detergent production and cosmetics, which are all the clients of the company.

Today there are more than 350 qualified employees working at the plant.

High quality of the produced goods and rendered services, flexible price policy, experience and responsible attitude allowed the enterprise to rise to the international level. Today the products of the company are well-known not only in Russia and CIS, but also abroad. The enterprise exports its products to the countries of Western Europe and South-East Asia. The policy of “Zavod sintanolov LLC” is as much as possible focused on the consumers and the work with them on a principle of mutually advantageous partnership relations, which are reached by constant improvement and renewal of technologies, product mix and clear development strategy. A significant role in this process is played by the personnel.

Since 2003 “Zavod sintanolov LLC” stably increases the production by creating new working positions and involving new specialists. And this process is to be continued – the company has approved the plan for expansion till 2015. 

Its first stage, which is major repair and reconstruction of the plant, is by now completed. Much work relating buildings renovation and road repair is done, the building of new storage facilities is completed. Main ethoxylation capacities are reconstructed, a new production control system is started out, and the capacities for crystallization of solid PEG and high-molecular ethoxylates are expanded.

Acquisition of “Lanitex-Optima-7 LLC” in 2007 (in Nikolskoe, Leningrad region) and the successful start-up on the new sulphonation plant in 2011 (in Dzerzhinsk) became the second stage of innovative development of the enterprise. The further plans of the company include the expansion of the tank farm for raw materials and final products, the start-up of the new oxyethylation line on the base of the innovative new generation reactor and release of special products, according to the new technologies focused on modern requirements of the market and in cooperation with the Russian and foreign partners. All these changes will allow “Zavod sintanolov LLC” to hold the gained position in its niche of Russian market.

Focusing efforts on production developing the plant gives at the same time an increased attention to solution of social issues. Priority tasks of the company`s social policy are creation of favorable working conditions, support and rise of social security of employees and their families.