SEPAWA Congress: New products of NORCHEM enter the European market

SEPAWA Congress: New products of NORCHEM enter the European market

NORCHEM Trading GmbH and Zavod sintanolov LLC, affiliated with NORCHEM Group of Companies, participated in the 62nd SEPAWA Congress & European Detergence Conference, which took place in Fulda (Germany) from the 14th till 16th of October 2015.

NORCHEM products, manufactured on the two production sites in Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region) and Nikolskoe (Leningrad region), are well known on the Russian surfactant market, in the household chemistry and cosmetics. Today they also become more and ever popular in Western and Eastern Europe. The crucial moment in this process was establishing of NORCHEM Trading GmbH (Munich, Germany) in January 2012 as a sales representation of NORCHEM GC. This helped to improve and optimize relations with discerning European consumers.

The participation of NORCHEM specialists at SEPAWA Congress this time showed that a growing number of European companies, already acquainted with NORCHEM products through distributors, are very interested in establishing direct contacts based on a long-term and foreseeable collaboration.

In addition to traditional products, such as low-molecular and high-molecular PEG, which gained their confidence thank to good quality and competitive prices, some European companies showed interest in extending of cooperation on LABSA deliveries, as well as in a brand new NORCHEM products, among which are STENOR K36 (PEG-36 castor oil, surfactant for agrochemistry) and STENOR K40 (PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, popular surfactant for cosmetics and household chemistry). Technologies of production of these new products are currently tested on NORCHEM site in Dzerzhinsk, Zavod sintanolov LLC. Moreover, the already known on the Russian market Methoxy-PEG also catched the interest of the European consumers as a product for the special chemistry.

Flexible pricing and wide logistic possibilities of NORCHEM provide as many favorable logistic structures as may be desired by any clients, and this allows the company to maintain a firm position on the market and to expand the geography of its activities.

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