"Russian evening" in Hamburg. Meeting of old friends.

"Russian evening" in Hamburg. Meeting of old friends.

International exhibition of the chemical industry IN-COSMETICS is the important event for specialists in the field of cosmetics. This exhibition has been annually held since 1990 in different countries all over the world. Now it’s the global event that is very important for developing perfume and cosmetics industry. There is the expansive program that helps to understand marketing trends, to see innovation developments, to get professional advice on cosmetics composition and to represent raw materials. It has taken place in Hamburg (Germany) this year.

It’s not surprise that this exhibition causes interest for Russian specialists of cosmetics industry. To help Russian cosmetics companies the Perfumery and Cosmetic Association of Russia (PCAR) provides information support for the exhibition, organizes visit of specialists and visitors during the exhibition sightseeing.

The PCAR has held “Russian evening” since 2005. It is the traditional meeting of the specialists in perfume and cosmetics industry that is timed to the exhibition IN-COSMETICS. The first “evening” took place in Berlin, then it was in Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, then Paris again, Milan. The aim of those meetings was developing of cooperation and finding new working relations. As a rule, sponsors of those evenings were foreign raw material suppliers that show the state of the Russian raw material market for household chemicals and cosmetics.

The “evening” has succeeded this year thanks to sponsorship of LLC “Zavod Sintanolov” (group of companies NORCHEM) that is the member of PCAR. The enterprise is great successful raw material manufacturer for cosmetics and household chemicals. The company has celebrated its decennary in September 2013.

“Russian evening” has taken place on April 2nd in one of the restaurants at picturesque place of Hamburg. There were 80 guests who represented 40 companies among which there were cosmetics manufacturers – “Laboratoria EMANSI”,  concern “Kalina”, “TWINGS TEK”, “Adeleid”, “Oktopas”, “MEZOLAB COSMETICS”, “Zelenaya dubrava”, “Dermanika”, “Kora”, “Rubin”, “Astoria cosmetic”, “Renessans cosmetic”,  manufacturers and raw material suppliers – Croda, “Milorada”, “Russo Hemi”, Dow Corning,  “Zhivordan Rus”, magazines “Cosmetics market now” and “Raw materials and package”.

The gala evening started from greetings of PCAR and “Zavod sintanolov” and then all guests could watch an interesting film about the history and work of group of companies NORCHEM, data about market trends for cosmetic raw material manufacturers and also musical film with photos about PCAR activity. Many guests who constantly attend this exhibition were pleasantly surprised to see themselves on those old photos.

The sponsors prepared intriguing guess the meaning of the word “NORCHEM”. There were a lot of answers starting from logic and funny to unique. The participants who gave better answers got memorable presents. The luckiest was Sergey Semenov, the President of the group of companies “Russo Hemi”, who guessed the original wording.

The festive cake with ten candles was the culmination of “Russian evening”.  Andrey Zimin, the Director General of “Zavod sintanolov”, had blown out the candles with the winner of quiz and Sergey Sergeev was honoured to cut the cake and treat all guests with it.

“We hope that good music, home atmosphere and the most important the chance to socialize with professionals and just pleasant people will be kept in your mind for a long time” – Yuriy Dudakov, the First Deputy Director General of “Zavod sintanolov”, shared his impressions.

The attraction to “Russian evening” is increasing year by year. PCAR is sure that this long-term tradition will be kept  and “Russian evening” will become more popular, enjoying and interesting.

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