NORCHEM's main achievements for 2018

NORCHEM's main achievements for 2018

Last year was very productive for NORCHEM Group. We thank our partners and clients for their cooperation and trust. No doubt, we can be proud of the achieved results, new frontiers and opportunities for further growth!


Part  1.  Production:

  • In 2018, the increase in production amounted to 15% compared with 2017;
  • The record amount of the main raw material, ethylene oxide, has been processed to more than 30,000 tons . It was achieved due to the combined supply of raw materials, thus ensuring the stability and flexibility of the enterprise.

Part  2. New Products and Innovations

  • The production of innovative import-substituting products for the construction industry  - monomers for low-temperature synthesis of modern concrete additives;
  • A line of raw materials and ready-made solutions in the field of creating hyperplasticizers for concrete has been developed , where in some cases there is an increase in strength up to 15% compared to other products;
  • Two new research laboratories have been commisioned – construction  and organohalogen synthesis ones ;
  • A pilot plant was built to develop new technology for producing high-purity raw materials.
  • Participation  in the RosSurfactant project to create system solutions in the segment of chemical methods of enhanced oil recovery for vertically integrated oil companies.

Part  3. Sales and Logistics:

  • Export growth is + 40.7% compared with 2017;
  • New supply lines have been opened up: Colombia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates , supply to Syria has been resumed 
  • Extended range of multimodal transportation; 
  •  The organized work of external warehouses; 
  • The fleet of railway containers has been expanded to transport raw materials by rail;

Part  4. Quality control

  • In July 2018, two social audits were passed by Zavod sintanolov LLC ;
  • Zavod sintanolov LLC and Lanitex-Optima-7 LLC are certified by the standards of RSPO level Mass Balanced ;
  • Lanitex-Optima-7 LLC turned to the most acute international system of quality standards ISO 9001;
  • Zavod sintanolov LLC continues to participate in the process of registration of its chemical products under Regulation REACH.

Part  5.  Social significance

  • The company's earnings is 8.0 billion rubles. excluding VAT (+ 12.4% by 2017),
  • Paid taxes in the budget system 342.7 million rubles. (+ 14.8% by 2017)
  • The average number of employees is 337 people. (+ 1.8% by 2017);
  • The average monthly salary is 47.700 rubles. (+ 8.1% by 2017) ;

Part   6.  Information Technology

  • Implementation of an electronic storage system of primary documentation in the framework of the project for the integration of accounting and electronic document management systems  for all enterprises of NORCHEM Group;
  • Adaptation to a new network addressing plan in order to increase the level of security;
  •  IP- telephony implementation

Part   7. Participation in exhibitions and conferences

  • International Specialized Exhibition "Interbythim-2018" Moscow, Russia
  • International Specialized Exhibition " Polyurethanex -2018" Moscow, Russia
  • International Specialized Exhibition " In - Cosmetics -2018" Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Exhibition-Conference "POC-2018" Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Scientific expert forum “Growth Resources. Chemistry for life: the state and business " Moscow, Russia
  • Scientific-practical conference "Household chemicals in Russia" Perm, Russia
  • The  Congress " SEPAWA -2018" Berlin, Germany
  • International Conference EPCA -2018 Vienna, Austria
  • International Specialized Exhibition "KHIMIA-2018" Moscow, Russia
  • The 2nd Oil Dialogue in Skolkovo , Moscow, Russia

Part   8.  Awards

  • In April 2018, Zavod sintanolov LLC received a certificate of acknowledgement from the Head of the Nizhny Novgorod Region for the great contribution to the socio-economic development of the region, the implementation of import substitution programs , modernization and technical re-equipment of production;
  • In October 2018, Zavod sintanolov LLC was awarded a diploma for high activity and desire to win the annual Russian industry competition "5 stars. Leaders of the chemical industry."

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