News of the Research and Development Center

News of the Research and Development Center

By efforts of the Research and Development Center of Zavod sintanolov LLC,  which includes a pilot plant and a research laboratory with modern equipment, as part of the Import Substitution Program (ISP)  there were developed new technologies of ethoxylation and hydroxypropylation  of marketable products for  cosmetics and household chemistry, agroindustry, oil production and refining.

Among them are:

1. Stenor K36 (PEG-36 castor oil)ator oil)

2. Stenor K40 (PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil)

3. Stenor K455 (modified PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil)

4. ALM-5 (C9-C11) (Nonet / undecene-5)

5. ALM-5 (C12-C15) (Laureth-5)

6. ALM-23 (Laureth-23)

Also under development there are the following products:

1. PEG-5 sorbitan monooleate

2. PEG-7 monooleate

3. PEG-9 monooleate

4. PEG 10 monooleate

5. PEG-20 sorbitan monolaurate

6. PEG-20 sorbitan monooleate

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