Exhibitions as an integral part of NORCHEM's development

Exhibitions as an integral part of NORCHEM's development

NORCHEM Group successfully poses itself both in the domestic market and beyond. Flexible pricing and extensive logistics opportunities allow us to expand the geography of our business, partly owning to participation in specialized international and domestic exhibitions and conferences related to the chemical industry and related industries.

Thus, past winter was marked for the Company by another participation in the annual international specialized exhibition "INTERBYTCHIM", on the 25th-27th February, 2019 in Moscow. During the exhibition, a number of successful negotiations with customers and consumers were held. Also, the first working meeting of the Council for the development of the materials sector for the cosmetics industry was held at the Company's stand with the participation of the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetics Association (PCAR), where such topical issues as support domestic producers of raw materials and the promotion of the production development of special chemicals for the perfumery and cosmetics industry. In addition, on the agenda there was the issue of developing a Roadmap aimed at solving the following problems:

  • assistance and support of domestic producers of raw materials in the framework of the “Strategy for the development of the perfumery and cosmetics industry before 2030” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;
  • promoting research and development;
  • modernization of domestic enterprises and integrated support for producers of raw materials to stimulate the development of the production of special chemicals for the perfumery and cosmetics industry through the methods of state support;
  • implementation of investment projects for new products and the creation of favorable conditions for the production of raw materials for the perfumery and cosmetics industry  as part of the implementation of technical regulations on the safety of chemical products of the EAEU;
  • providing production with modern ingredients and packaging;
  • formation of a positive image of Russian cosmetics and product promotion in Russia and abroad.

As a regular member of PCAR, the Company's specialists are actively involved in the activities of the Association, aimed at developing and strengthening the Russian perfumery and cosmetics industry.

At the same time, NORCHEM did not passed over the 2nd International Scientific Expert Forum “RESOURCES FOR GROWTH. CHEMISTRY FOR LIFE: STATE AND BUSINESS”, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, which was held on the 27th February -  1st  March, 2019 in Moscow. General Director of NORCHEM LLC Yury Dudakov made a presentation on "Sustainable development as a system of enterprise and industry management" at the round table "Green Chemistry" and raw materials for its production. The discussion focused on current trends related to the global implementation of the concept of sustainable development, national special feautures of its application in a particular country, region or industry, as well as problems that arise from domestic producers and consumers.

Moreover, the 2nd participation in “POLYURETHANEX”, the only international specialized exhibition of polyurethane materials, technologies and equipment in Russia, was very successful. The products of NORCHEM-Polyesters LLC such as alkyd pentaphthalic lacquers, polycarboxylate esters and alkyd-urethane resins were presented to the attention of visitors.

It is worth noting that  the Company's management once again paid a working visit to the annual international exhibition of ingredients for cosmetics and personal care products In-Cosmetics, held in Paris (France) in April, 2019.

For specialists and management of NORCHEM Group participation in exhibitions is not only a marketing strategy, but also lively communication with customers, suppliers and even competitors, understanding market needs in order to develop new products, expand and diversify their own activities. Specialists of NORCHEM Group are always open for communication and are happy to meet with their partners and potential customers.

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