Attention! Business fraud!

Attention! Business fraud!

Attention! Business fraud!

Dear colleagues and partners!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that recently some unknown persons who pretend to be authorized employees of  Zavod sintanolov LLC are taking actions to enter into negotiations with current and potential customers of  Zavod sintanolov LLC, as though for the purpose of selling chemical products produced at its production sites.

  Zavod sintanolov LLC officially informs that these actions are expression of unfair competition and fraud!

In respect of  the increased number of fraudulent actions by unauthorized persons who misrepresent  themselves as the sales department of  Zavod sintanolov LLC, we strongly recommend:

  1. When you receive any commercial letters by e-mail or other impersonal communication channels, make sure that the person, who came into contact with you, is indeed an employee of Zavod sintanolov LLC. To do this, it is necessary to make a verification call on the corporate phone +7 (831) 272-88-63 (indicated on the official website, ask to connect with the employee whose name was called upon accession to make sure that negotiations and correspondence were carried out with him/her. In addition, the official website of Zavod sintanolov LLC ( in the section "Contacts" indicates the actual managers’ contacts. Compare the phones listed on the official website with those available to you. Beware of counterfeit web sites; they are also created by frauds for their criminal purposes.
  2.  Make sure that correspondence is carried on ONLY from e-mail registered in the corporate e-mail domain * In case of suspicion and / or detection of any differences in the domain name (for example: mail @ in the correspondence, it is necessary to send a verification message / request / appeal to the effective address e-mail of the known manager of the  Zavod Sintanolov LLC  or to the address, indicated on the official website.  
  3. Do not use for verification the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers indicated in the received  messages / letters as these may be e-mail addresses and phone numbers of frauds who will try to mislead you and persuade you of  belonging to the sales department of  Zavod sintanolov LLC. 
  4. Do not use the electronic links indicated in the applications received by you with signs of fraud. Links can lead you to fake electronic resources posted on the Internet.
  5.  If necessary, require a personal meeting and negotiations with the sales manager in the office of  Zavod sintanolov LLC.

 We would like to draw your attention to the fact that  Zavod sintanolov LLC does not release its products through   agency companies or third parties. If you have any suspicions of contacting the alleged frauds (telephone conversations, e-mail correspondence), send the information to the e-mail address of  Zavod sintanolov LLC:

We strongly urge you to be vigilant and take due care in choosing the Supplier! Do not let yourself become a victim of fraud!

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