30th anniversary Of Zavod sintanolov LLC

30th anniversary Of Zavod sintanolov LLC

The leading Russian manufacturer of surfactants, polyethylene glycols and their derivatives Zavod sintanolov LLC, part of the NORCHEM Group of Companies, has celebrated its 30th anniversary. The history of the plant goes back to 1988, when the first production of synthanols and sulfoethoxylates in Russia was introduced on the basis of the PA Kaprolactam within the framework of the USSR State Planning Plan 1986-1990 to increase the output of chemical products.

From the moment of commissioning in 1988 and until 1994 the oxyethylation and sulfonation units produced surfactants. The main raw materials for which were synthetic fatty alcohols of the Ufa refinery and ethylene oxide of OJSC Kaprolactam.

The collapse of the huge country disrupted the economic relations that had been developing for years. Problems with the acquisition of raw materials, the loss of sales markets led to the fact that production was ailing. With the closure of the only fatty alcohol production unit in Russia in Ufa, the production of sulfoethoxylates at the plant was reduced, and in 1998 it stopped completely. At the same time many enterprises for the production of washing powders and shampoos stopped not only in Dzerzhinsk, but practically throughout the country.

Under these circumstances, the specialists of the enterprise managed to develop a new technology for the production process, and the plant began to produce polyethylene glycols (PEG). Despite the fact that until 2003 the plant in the production of oxyethylated products  only eight percent of the design capacity was used, the production of polyethylene glycols made it possible to preserve the team, the infrastructure of the enterprise and the technological unit in a difficult time for our country.

A new page in the history of the enterprise began with the change of the owner in 2003 under the new trademark NORCHEM®. The main goal that was set for the team was the restoration of leading positions in the market and ensuring effective and sustainable activities based on the principles of constant dynamic development. Over the past 18 years, the Company has been confidently fulfilling its goals, including through constant modernization and the introduction of innovative technologies.

For example, in May 2011, Zavod sintanolov LLC put into operation a new sulfonation unit, and already in November 2012, a new alkoxylation unit with an innovative high-expansion reactor of a new generation was commissioned, which is still unique in Russia. The new alkoxylation unit made it possible to increase the assortment and volumes of products, and to reduce the costs of their production. The versatility of the technological scheme for processing ethylene oxide and propylene oxide allows you to quickly switch to the production of almost any type of alkoxylated products and their derivatives. Our own laboratory, directly involved in all stages of the production process, and an experimental pilot plant enable the specialists of the plant to develop new types of products and improve the "old" ones, adapting them to the needs of consumers.

It should be noted that in its strategic plans the plant relies on the scientific and technical potential and experience of the team accumulated in the country and the world. Undoubtedly, the factor of the successful development of the enterprise is highly qualified employees, whose contribution to the establishment of the Company can hardly be overestimated, their skills and abilities are passed on to new generations of specialists to this day. Thanks to 30 years of fruitful activity, the plant's products were sold both in the Russian and foreign markets. Today, the plant employs highly qualified specialists, responsible, hardworking people with a great desire to preserve what has been achieved and to develop their enterprise in the future, which has become a "second home" for the majority of people.

Zavod sintanolov LLC: then and now

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