MPEG-3000 (NorPeg™ - 3000M)

Trade name
MPEG-3000 (NorPeg™ - 3000M)
Chemical name
Methoxypolyethyleneglycol 3000
Not applicable
CAS Number
Application field
Pharmacology and Cosmetics production (as base for creams, toothpastes and lipsticks) Detergent & Household goods production (as soap bars glue, soluble agent in detergent pastes, fixing agent for odors in soaps and detergents, as additive in general cleaners, polishers, air fresheners, automatic dishwashing detergents) Production of textile supporting substances (component of dispergators and protective solutions) Rubber goods production (non adhesive agent for forms treatment) Metal works industry (agent for cleaning and polishing pastes, lubricating & cooling liquids). Other applications
Turbid colorless to yellow liquid
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