The General meeting of the Perfume and Cosmetics Association of Russia (2017-2018)

The General meeting of the Perfume and Cosmetics Association of Russia (2017-2018)

The general meeting of the Perfume and Cosmetics Association of Russia (PCAR) took place in Moscow on the 24th January, 2019. It was based on the results for 2017-2018. As part of the discussion of developing perfumery and cosmetics industry in Russia, The Ministry of Industry and Trade represented “The Strategy for the Development of the Perfume and Cosmetics Market in Russia: 2030” . The strategy was represented by Alexey Alekhin, the Head of the pharmaceutical and medical industries department.

The perfume and cosmetic industry (PCI) is considered to be a dynamically developing and highly competitive industry, actively integrating into world trade. Thus, it demands state support and currently, the Russian PCI market ranks among the biggest ones in Europe and accounts for about 3% in the global market.

Zavod sintanolov LLC, a leading Russian supplier of household chemicals and cosmetics, is showing more and more active participation in all events of the industry. The company is for the comprehensive support of domestic producers of raw materials, promotes the development of the production of special chemicals and the implementation of investment projects for new products. The enterprise has always been focused on import substitution, and today the Company's products successfully compete in their field with imported counterparts.

The representatives of Zavod sintanolov LLC, the permanent member of PCAR since 2011, took part in the current meeting and also confirmed their assistance in the Council for the Development of the Raw Material Sector for the Cosmetics Industry. In the near future, the Council plans to hold the first working meeting at the international specialized exhibition "Interbytchim" in February 2019.

According to the results of the general voting, the General Director of NORCHEM LLC, Youry Doudakov, was again elected to the members of the PCAR Board for 2019-2020. 

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